Video: Ronnie Dayan’s OFW in-law speaks up, says ‘white house’ belongs to him

  • OFW engineer-husband of Dayan’s sister claimed ownership of Urbiztondo ‘white house’
  • He said he worked for 21 years as an engineer in Qatar, built his house little by little
  • He believed De Lima’s visits to their house and neighborhood led to mistaken assumption
  • He also said he has told his wife to advise De Lima to stop confronting Duterte

MANILA, Philippines – The brother-in-law of Sen. Leila de Lima’s former driver/alleged lover Ronnie Palisoc Dayan has come out to claim ownership of the controversial white house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Wilfredo Torreta, an engineer working for an oil and gas company in Qatar since 1995, said he owns the white house which he built little by little with the funds he saved for 21 years.

According to Torreta, the lot on which the white house is situated on already had a small home when he bought it from his wife’s uncle.

“‘Yung lupa na ‘yun, ang may-ari doon ay tiyuhin ng misis ko, nabili namin. Ngayon pagkabili namin, may bahay na ‘yun. Unti-unting pinalaki ng misis ko ‘yun,” he said.

[That land, it was owned by my wife’s uncle, we bought it. Now, when we bought it, it already had a house. My wife had it developed bit by bit.]

Torreta pointed to Dayan’s only house as the orange bungalow which he said must have been constructed when the latter became De Lima’s driver.

While not having ever met the senator in person, Torreta said his wife and son personally talked to De Lima in the past when the latter used to visit them in their house when she was in the neighborhood. Her presence, he said, must have led people to believe she owned it.

“But actually, that is mine,” he stressed.

Torreta also revealed that he has told his wife to advise De Lima to stop confronting Duterte. At the same time, he urged the public to stop dragging their house which he said had nothing to do with the president and senator’s ongoing spat.

Earlier, Torreta’s wife also came forward to deny Duterte’s claim that De Lima gave the white house as a gift to Dayan.