VIDEO: Ruffa Gutierrez, Karla Estrada get emotional on “Magandang Buhay”

  • Karla Estrada got emotional as she recalled how Ruffa Gutierrez supported her in the past
  • She said Ruffa was the first person she told that she was pregnant with her eldest child, Daniel Padilla
  • Ruffa expressed how happy she is for Karla because she managed to overcome the tough times

Longtime friends Ruffa Gutierrez and Karla Estrada became emotional on the August 5 episode of the latter’s morning show, “Magandang Buhay”.

Karla recalled how Ruffa supported her during tough times especially when she was pregnant with her eldest child, Daniel Padilla.

She revealed that Ruffa was the first person she told about her pregnancy more than 21 years ago and the beauty queen actress told her that whatever her decision is, she’s just there for her.

At that time, when Karla was dating Daniel’s father, Rommel Padilla, Ruffa was in a relationship with Rommel’s brother, Robin Padilla.

ABS-CBN News quoted Karla as saying: “Ruffa, ako sobra akong  grateful na naging kaibigan kita at hanggang ngayon kahit hindi tayo masyadong nagkikita, nararamdaman ko lagi ‘yung love mo for me.”

(“Ruffa, I’m so grateful that you became my friend. And even if we don’t see each other often, I still feel your love for me.”)

She said that Ruffa was one of the people who saw her when she was just starting and she was also one of the few who became happy for her success.

For her part, Ruffa expressed how happy she is for Karla because she managed to overcome the tough times in her life.

The 42-year-old actress said that because Karla is a true friend, a true person, God rewarded her and made her successful. She added that all the bad days that Karla experienced in the past were replaced by good days.

“Hopefully forever na,” she added.

According to an article published by Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the two actresses have been friends since they were teenagers.

Watch the video here: