Viral: Graduating student’s double middle finger salute draws cheers, jeers

  • Student’s graduation photo showed him giving a double middle finger salute
  • He said gesture is aimed at haters who pulled him down throughout life
  • Online community’s reaction mixed

MANILA, Philippines – Okay or not okay? You be the judge.

Currently drawing the attention of the online community is the graduation photo of a certain R. Malonzo for being…unorthodox.

On his Facebook, Malonzo posted the photo of him giving the double middle finger salute which said was dedicated to his haters.

“I dedicate my middle finger to the people who left me, judged me, turned me down, cheated on me, talked behind my back, lied to me, and underestimated me. Because of people like you, I became stronger and smarter,” he wrote. “From the bottom of my heart, f**k you with DEGREE.”

Malonzo’s profile did not indicate his course or the school he graduated from.

Cheers, Jeers

Malonzo’s unconventional graduation photo has drawn both cheers and jeers from the online community.

On one hand, Malonzo’s supporters defended him and said there’s nothing wrong about him being apparently ecstatic about his graduation. They also called on detractors not to be too hasty in condemning him since they do not know the circumstances of his life.

On the other hand, his critics blasted Malonzo for being arrogant and warned him that his photo could negatively affect his career prospects if his future employers see it. They also told him that his gesture aimed at his haters was unnecessary since his act of graduating was already his sweet revenge.

Several fake accounts of Malonzo — both supportive and critical — have also popped up on Facebook.

For his part, Malonzo took down his controversial photo for a while and replaced it with a more conventional one.

“I don’t know. You can just put some quote in me. I will be judged anyway. #Happylang”, read the caption.

However, Malonzo again posted his controversial photo after a while.

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