VIRAL: Japan PM Shinzo Abe dressed as Super Mario in Tokyo 2020 Olympics teaser during Rio closing ceremony

  • Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe surprised the world dressed as Super Mario during the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics
  • In the two-minute teaser video, Japanese athletes were shown warming up for the next summer games alongside iconic video game and anime characters
  • The 2020 Summer Olympics will be hosted by Japan

The 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil came to an end on Sunday, August 21. After the International Olympic Committee performed the official handoff from Rio to Tokyo at during the closing ceremony, the next host of the summer games teased the world with what the country is stereotypically known for and most popular exports: video games and anime.

With a two-minute teaser video, Japan got the whole world excited for the 2020 Olympics which will be held in Japan’s bustling capital, Tokyo.

In the video, Japanese athletes along with iconic video game and anime characters such as Pac-Man, Captain Tsubasa, Doraemon, and Hello Kitty were shown “warming up” for the much anticipated 2020 Summer Olympics, as per an article published by Daily Mail.

Japan Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe also had his screen time when he transformed into beloved Nintendo character, Super Mario, running around the streets of Tokyo and hopping into a green warp tube that will transport him from Tokyo to Rio in seconds.

A well-recognized “level up” sound resonated all over the Olympic stadium. To everybody’s surprise, the Japanese Prime Minister stole the show when he made his grand entrance through a giant green pipe in the middle of Rio’s Maracana stadium.

Abe waved to the crowd using the Mario hat he was wearing, clutching the red ball that serves as a logo for the next summer games.

It was without a doubt the best turnover spectacle in the history of the Olympics which got social media on a frenzy.

However, after the presentation and Abe left the stage, crew men had a hard time removing the giant tube from the stadium floor, as per an article published by NBC.

Watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics teaser video below: