Viral: Leni accused of waiting for something to happen to Duterte in interview

  • Robredo accused of waiting to take over presidency in viral video
  • She said a VP’s job is to wait until something happens to the president
  • VP’s supporters said she was just citing the Constitution, dismissed the video as black propaganda

MANILA, Philippines – The online community— mainly the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte— are up in arms over an interview involving Vice President Leni Robredo and her supposed intent to take over the presidency.

The 25-second-long video, uploaded on YouTube by a subscriber with the handle of “The Storyteller”, shows Robredo as she was being interviewed during a press conference in Pennsylvania.

According to Robredo, the job of a vice president is to wait until something happens to the president as provided for in the Constitution.

“If you are familiar with our Constitution, if you look at our Constitution, the vice president has no real power except to wait for something to happen to the president,” Robredo can be heard saying.

The video then ends with Robredo’s answer being repeated in ominous slow motion.

Plan B or Black Propaganda?

In response, many of Robredo’s critics accused her of intentionally waiting for Duterte to die or become incapacitated so she can take over and become the president.

Others called on their fellow supporters to be vigilant as Robredo may be implementing “Plan B”— the so-called plan by the Liberal Party to restore themselves to power.

However, many of Robredo’s supporters also rushed to her defense and called on her detractors to stop putting malice in her words, saying she was merely citing the Constitution.

Many also cited the original transcript which can be found in Robredo’s website as proof there wasn’t any malice in the vice president’s words.

According to the transcript, Robredo— after being asked how she planned to be a different kind of vice president— said she planned to implement several programs despite her office’s small budget given that her mandate— aside from being the president’s replacement— involves mainly administrative, ceremonial and local affairs.