Watch: Bizarre moment woman runs over a pedestrian, then dances around the dying victim’s body

  • A woman driving a car reportedly runs over an unsuspecting pedestrian in China
  • But instead of helping the victim, she was seen dancing around the dying man’s body
  • She is believed to be suffering from mental illness

A woman in China was caught on video ramming into an unsuspecting pedestrian, then dances around the victim while he was slumped down bloodied and motionless on the pavement.

The bizarre incident reportedly took place in Zoucheng, Shandong province last week.

A Shanghaiist article said the woman was driving a car and was seen ‘deliberately’ running into a male pedestrian, sending the victim into the vehicle’s windshield.

The suspect allegedly drove and dragged the hapless pedestrian for about 200 meters more before her vehicle collided with another car, forcing her to stop.

But instead of helping the victim who was thrown to the ground, the woman can be seen in the video getting out of her car and started dancing and gyrating, and even twerking, around the dying man.

According to some witnesses, she was also heard reciting some kind of chant which cannot be heard in the video.

The responding policemen immediately arrested the suspect. Authorities have ruled out that the woman was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident but others believe she could be suffering from mental illness.

Meanwhile, the still unnamed victim was rushed to a nearby hospital but died shortly afterwards from injury.

Police have detained the woman while police continues its investigation to determine the reason behind her strange behavior.

Watch the video below: (Warning: Some scenes may not be suitable for others. Viewer’s discretion is advised.)