Watch: BTS fangirls steal tarpaulin in SM Mall of Asia, called disgraceful by fellow fans and Filipinos

  • YouTube video showed fangirls of K-pop group stealing a tarpaulin in SM Mall of Asia
  • Theft took place during BTS concert
  • Fangirls blasted on social media, told they are shameless by fellow fans and Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines – And they were so well-behaved at the airport too.

Now, some fanatic fangirls of Korean pop band BTS (Bangtan Boys) are getting a rapping on social media after they were caught in the act stealing a tarpaulin during the band’s concert at the SM Mall of Asia.

The video, uploaded on YouTube by a subscriber bearing one of the band members’ name, shows different groups of girls forming a cheerleading pyramid below a tarpaulin. Their intention becomes clear as the girl at the top tries to grab onto the hanging tarpaulin.

 A slight pandemonium then ensues after one of the girls succeeds in getting a tarpaulin.

Filipino fans and non-fans who watched the video voiced their disgust for the incident and called the girls shameless.

One described their behavior as humiliating and asked why couldn’t they have requested for the poster from the concert organizers legally or made one themselves since it wasn’t that expensive.

Another said the girls should have waited patiently for the tarpaulin since they were told by the guard they would be thrown away anyway once the concert was done.

Still one commenter blasted the girls for ruining the image of BTS’ fan club in the Philippines with their actions.

“Few girls had to ruin the whole PH-ARMYs image. PH ARMYs were really behaved when BTS arrived at the airport,” one viewer said , referring to BTS’s Philipine branch of its fan club.

BTS, a popular band in Korea, performed their Epilogue concert in Manila last Friday.


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