Watch: Chiz Escudero, a makeup artist?

  • Senator Chiz Escudero took the challenge of applying makeup on his wife, Heart Evangelista
  • The video was posted by Happy Skin Cosmetics, which Heart collaborated with for a new makeup line
  • Heart gave Chiz a 5 out of 10 for his effort

Is Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero exploring a new career outside of politics?

After conceding in the vice presidential race during the May 2016 elections, Chiz is looking forward to spending quality time with his family.

After all, since getting married to actress Heart Evangelista in February 2015, the couple was unable to enjoy a proper honeymoon because the senator’s vice presidential campaign went full swing just months after their wedding.

In a video posted on Youtube by local cosmetic brand Happy Skin Cosmetics, which the actress recently collaborated with for a new makeup line, an entirely different side of Chiz was shown and fans were given a glimpse of just how adorable his relationship with Heart is.

“So, I have no choice,” Heart said. “Chiz is going to put makeup on me.”

The senator was off to a good start with cleansing Heart’s face before applying any makeup.

“Every good relationship must have a strong foundation,” Chiz quipped, while applying the hydrating foundation.

The video showed the couple sharing several cute moments. While Chiz tries to keep his composure in his attempt to recreate his wife’s usual elegant look, Heart was obviously anxious and gives Chiz some tips along the way – like using a cat eye stencil and how it’s useless to shake the eyebrow pencil.

“I’ve let go and let God. Hayaan na natin [Let’s leave it be]. We’ll see later,” the actress said.

Chiz appears confident with what he was doing until he joked: “Darling, konti na lang magmumukha ka nang bangkay.”

[Darling, a little bit more and you’ll look like a corpse.]

Towards the end of the video, Heart evaluated the job Chiz did.

“It’s not that bad. I mean, I just really look ugly,” Heart said, pointing out that the makeup made her face appear flat.

Overall, she gave Chiz a score of 5 out of 10, with 6 as the passing score, saying “it’s not as bad as I expected it to be.”

Chiz, admiring his wife’s beauty, said: “Anything on her, with or without makeup – even just a tinge of makeup, suits her quite well.”

Watch the full video below:



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