Watch: Concerned bystanders attempt to lift bus to save boy involved in tragic crash

  • An-eight-year old school boy was involved in a collision with a city bus while cycling along Wilton Road on Monday
  • Video captured in Erdington shows people’s effort to lift bus to relieve the kid stuck underneath
  • Despite the people’s effort to give the kid a fighting chance, the injured kid passed away

BIRMINGHAM, England – An 8-year-old boy involved in a crash with a city bus in Erdington, a suburb of Birmingham in England, died while in a hospital; despite the effort of a group of bystanders who tried to lift the bus to save the kid.

The post-crash incident which happened in the afternoon of August 15, 2016, was recorded by another driver in the province, who happened to be near the site of the accident.

The distressing video shows the group of bystanders and passengers gathering around the front part of the vehicle; attempting to lift it to retrieve the kid who was stuck underneath.

As per a story by Annette Belcher on Birmingham Mail, the boy had been cycling along Wilton Road when he was involved in a collision with the bus just before 3.10pm on Monday afternoon outside the police station.

Despite the people’s effort to give the kid a fighting chance, sadly the injured kid passed away. The boy, whose identity was not revealed, was brought to the hospital and was later confirmed dead upon arrival.

Mirror Co UK disclosed that witnesses who attempted to help the boy felt horrible upon learning that the boy didn’t make it.

“I was there to help get the bus off him and haven’t slept all night just thinking of him,” posted George Fothergill, one of the witnesses who attempted to lift the bus, on his Facebook account.

Witnesses to the collision are being sought by the police to give light to the tragic incident.