Watch: Filipina who stabbed 3 people inside bus in Belgium shot by police

  • A Filipina stabbed three passengers inside a bus in Belgium
  • She reportedly got into a fight with some passengers before attacking them with a knife
  • Belgian authorities believe the woman was suffering from psychological problem

A 52-year-old Filipino woman has been shot and wounded by police after attacking three people with a knife inside a bus in Uccle, Belgium.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday, August 22, around 4:30 pm local time.

According to The Brussels Times, the Filipina, whose name has not been released, got into an argument for some reasons with passengers on board a bus travelling on Chaussée de Waterloo.

She started attacking the people inside and stabbed at least three of the passengers.

A footage of the incident emerged showing the responding Belgian police trying to subdue the Filipina who has gone berserk and can be heard shouting.

Police eventually shot her when she refused to follow their order.

Authorities believed the woman is mentally unstable. They also dismissed speculations that the attack was related to terrorism.

Meanwhile, the wounded suspect remains in the hospital and there were no updates on her condition.

 “Her condition isn’t critical but she was hit twice, in the arm and in the chest,” Ine Van Wymersch, spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, told The Brussels Time.

All the three passengers reportedly suffered only minor injuries and were also rushed to the hospital and are now believed to be in stable condition.

Police have yet to determine why the Filipina suddenly snapped but concluded the incident was an act of a person with psychological problem.

Watch the raw video below: