WATCH: Fisherman volunteers as a librarian for kids in their island

  • A fisherman volunteers to be a librarian to the kids living in their island
  • He says the books teach children that the world is not only their village
  • He is also very fond of manning the library that he even sacrifices his afternoon naps for it

An old fisherman in Indonesia has volunteered to offer his own house to be a library where kids in their little island can learn.

Fisherman named Baco shared that he has been a fisherman since he was in elementary. He loved fishing up to now but he has a different dream for the children of today.

“Children needs to learn other things because things have changed,” he said in a video produced by Our Better World.

“From the books, kids learn that the world is not only one village, one region or one country,” he said.

Five years ago, a woman named Nila from Rainbow Reading Gardens came to their island and asked him if she can set up a library in his home.

“I happily agreed,” he said.

Since then, Nila has brought in 3,000 books for the kids to enjoy and learn from.

Baco said that everyday, kids go directly to his house to read books. One of his patrons is the boy named Alfarouq.

“Alfarouq loves reading so much. Sometimes I have to remind him that he needs to go home because he’s totally absorbed in a book. He has a big appetite for knowledge,” he said.

Baco also shared that now that he has the library, he rarely gets a nap in the afternoon, which he always does. But it is alright because he is continuously inspired to host the little library.

He said that even if he only finished elementary, he dreams that these kids would go to college.

“I really hope my children study in universities and help their country and others around the world,” the fisherman said.

Watch his heartfelt story below:


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