Watch: Furious dad destroys daughter’s Audi car after catching her ‘fooling around’ with a boy inside

  • A father gets mad after catching his daughter inside a car with someone ‘who is not supposed to be there’
  • He vented his anger on her car, smashing it with an excavator until it was reduced to a useless piece of scrap
  • Netizens, however, are polarized whether the poor red Audi deserves such a punishment

Never underestimate the wrath of an enraged father.

This was the lesson learned by a young lady in Georgia who could only watch in horror as her $13,000 Audi A4 gets smashed by her furious father using an excavator/ shovel.

A video of the incident has been uploaded on Facebook by the girl’s brother, Kaylor Card. He even tagged his sister Ashlyn in the post, saying: “When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY”.

In the comment section of his post, Kaylor revealed why his father snapped in the fit of anger at his sister. Apparently, his father Mike caught daughter Ashlyn inside the car with a man ‘who shouldn’t be there’.

“No this was my car my sister was driving and she had someone in the car that shouldn’t have been!” he said.

In the video, the angry father used a construction equipment – a small excavator – to crush the poor car until it became a total wreck and undrivable.

Before the incident, the flame red Audi A4 is said to be in prime condition. After dad Mike’s enraged episode, the car was reduced to scrap and is now beyond repair.

Netizens, however, are polarized whether the ‘innocent’ car deserved such a harsh punishment. Others suggested it could have been sold instead.

Watch the video below:



  1. LOL…good for him. He bought it anyway and if she wants to disrespect her father that is what she gets.

  2. mahigpit yung US Embassy na mag issue ng visa sa mga ex-convict. Lalo na illegal possession of high powered firearms.

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