WATCH: “Ghost” seen in theme park ride?

  • Alleged “ghost” seen in theme park ride in a video circulating on social media
  • Woman ghost was rumored to have died in an accident in theme park ride
  • Viral video draws various reactions from netizens; some shocked, some dismisses it as untrue

video by Enrico Sanchez Binas is making rounds on social media because of an alleged “ghost” seen in it.

In the video, a group of four friends is seen enjoying a ride inside a theme park in Pasay City. The video was taken by one of the four friends also in that ride, and from the looks of it, all four including others sharing the Vikings ride seem to be enjoying the adrenaline pump.

However, after a few seconds, the fourth woman in white seated farthest from the one taking the video mysteriously disappears.

Enrico Sanchez Binas, the man who posted the video in Facebook, said that only three friends originally went for the ride, and the fourth girl spookily appeared on the video. He also claimed that the “ghost” died in an accident in the same ride way back in 2008. She allegedly suffered burns on her face and was declared dead on arrival. The account who posted the video did not explicitly say if he’s part of the group of friends in the ride.

Netizens quickly reacted over the video, and as of posting, it has gathered over 3,600 reactions, nearly 6K comments, and has been shared almost 20,000 times since it was posted. Based from the comments of the video, some netizens are freaked out but many of them still doubt the authenticity. Some even said that the “disappearance” of the woman was just based on the angling of the camera, while some argue that it was made to prank people.

The management of the theme park has not issued a statement regarding the video as of yet. Various news reports have confirmed that there has been deaths inside the theme park in the past few years, but there were no reports regarding the death in the Vikings ride last 2008.