WATCH: Guy proposes to his girlfriend in the cinema with Lego animated film

  • A guy sweeps his girlfriend off her feet by proposing inside a movie house
  • He proposed through a Lego animated video shown during the trailers
  • The video was made by a 17-year-old animator

Wedding proposals today have really been over the top. Guys think of the most creative way to ask their girlfriends to marry them. And this guy from Birmingham has surely one of the most unique proposals.

Ben Anderson took his girlfriend Kirsten Dally to the Electric Cinema. The unassuming Dally, all the while, thought they are going to see the Jason Bourne movie. Little did she know she is in for the biggest surprise of her life.

News site SWNS said in its feature story that the two were watching the trailers when suddenly the Lego animated video Anderson has requested to put up was shown for all cinema goers to see.

Made by 17-year-old animator Morgan Spence, the video showed the love story in a nutshell – how they met, their first date, first kiss, memorable travels abroad. It ended with Anderson finally asking his dear Dally to marry him.

Of course, Dally said yes. Because who can resist that adorable gesture?

“Kirsten just couldn’t believe it. At one point she elbowed me in the ribs and asked me what the hell I had done. She was quite overwhelmed,” Ben said, emphasizing how nervous he went.

According to SWNS, Morgan created the whole two-minute animation in two months. He said that he has to have custom Legos made to perfectly capture Anderson and Dally.

“It’s unlike anything I had done before. It’s a bit cheesy but that just made me like it more,” he said.

“The t-shirt the Ben figure is wearing he actually owns. The music and locations in it are very personal to them. I really enjoyed doing it,” he added.

The couple are now thinking of incorporating Lego materials in their wedding.

“We could use Lego – Morgan’s idea was to use the characters as cake toppers,” said Anderson.

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