Watch: Little boy taking care of his disabled grandmother will truly touch your soul

  • Video of little boy taking care of his grandmother continues to go viral since early part of the year
  • The act inspires people and reminds everyone to take a look at their elders
  • Commenters flood the post with love and approval

Indeed, this is quite a scene that is sure to touch everyone’s heart and soul. And it has!

This little boy’s act of kindness as he feeds his grandmother – caught on vid – is spreading like wild fire on the internet.

This disabled granny who’s confined to a wheelchair because of Parkinson’s disease, as shared on God Fruits TV,  have no choice but to depend on her young grandson for much of the daily duties around the house. Feeding and cleaning up after her are reportedly just a few of the responsibilities tasked upon him.

However, just from this clip, it’s so easy to see that this boy has a heart of service. Looking at the way he cares for his ailing grandmom, no doubt that he is doing it with much love.

One commenter’s guess is that this was taken in Brazil: “The little boy is saying grandma in Portuguese so I’m guessing Brazil most likely.”

In just one page on Facebook, the Inspiration Tap, the video post has gained nearly 8 millions views and hundreds of thousands of shares; proving just how much people around the globe are moved to share this wonderful display of love for the elderly.

Comments are flooding the post; with many wishing and praying for this little boy.

Who ever raised this child did a wonderful job the Bible said bring up a child the way they should go & they would never depart.  God bless this child all of his life.

So touching….he’s going to keep her clean. He wipes her mouth each time he feeds her and I mean clean it. So Beautiful, such beautiful soul. God bless him!


Kids nowadays need to learn this kind of RESPECT ! This warms my heart on so many levels . Too freakin’ cuuuuuute

This touched my heart; even shed a few tears too. My soul welled up to see this sweet child express such humanity and unapologetic love-priceless!
In spite of it all, this gives me more comfort in knowing that all isn’t lost…

I just loved how he cleaned up the pillow by licking his little finger!?

Loving. Smart. Kind. Sensitive. Respectful. Understanding. Sweet!

May he grow up with all those positive characteristics and continue to make his mark in the world.

If you watch him he does the caretaker face. How precious can a child be. A heart and soul of gold is a rare combination. He has been twice blessed.


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