WATCH: Man ‘possessed by Pokemon’ goes wild

  • A man went crazy inside a bank in Brazil as he shouted ‘Pokemon, Pokemon!’
  • The seemingly possessed man had the behavior while he was playing Pokemon Go
  • He was arrested by the police but has been released with bail

If you think people’s obsession over Pokemon Go is crazy, well, this video posted online will probably make you think you are right.

An uploaded video shows a man going wild, apparently being “possessed” while he was playing Pokemon Go.

The man in Brazil was shouting “Pokemon, Pokemon!”

A group of men tried to control and pin the man down.

Mirror said in its story that he was arrested by the police after creating a scene at the Bank of Brazil in Rio Grande del Norte. He has paid bail since and was released by authorities.

He explained to officers that he was just waiting for his turn at the bank when he got “strange thoughts and lost control.”

Watch the video below:

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Youtube, Mirror