Watch: Mentalists control AGT judges’ minds, stunned them more after revealing what is behind the red cloth

  • The Clairvoyants stunned AGT judges, audience with their remarkable skill
  • Simon, other judges stupefied over revelation behind the red cloth

Amazing? Unbelievable? Terrifying? Be ready to add words to this series.

Mentalist duo Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass from Vienna, Austria known as “The Clairvoyants” bewitched America with their mind-controlling act on the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent (AGT).

The performance began as Amelie showed a red cloth covering a chalk board and said, “Tonight, we want to show you something special and different.”

Meanwhile, Thommy is in front of the judges; holding a bowl of jelly beans with varying colors and flavors.

“We live in a small apartment but we always keep the bowl of jelly beans on the table. Our favorite sweets because they come in all flavors and colors,” he narrated.

He requested Amelie to look away and asked Simon to pick any jelly bean and hand it over to him. Thommy ate it.

Amelie, looking away, said it was the berry one and purple in color – which was correct as confirmed by Simon.

Judge Heidi, on the other hand, was asked to pick any jelly bean but this time the judge has to eat it; Amelie guessed it again correctly.

For Mel B., she was requested to scoop as many jelly beans as she want and put it in a glass container.

While the female judge was busy scooping, the male mentalist asked Howie of his dream chocolate and he said “a spicy chocolate Mel B.”

Back to Mel B., she is done but Thommy asked if she wants to add more; but she refused; saying it is already fine for her.

Amelie turned and looked at the audience – Mel B. is covering the glass.

“So we all agree that no one knows how many jelly beans are inside, right?” asked Amelie. “But our brain is a curious thing and somewhere in that you probably know, Mel B.”

“OK, Amelie, find it.” said Thommy.

Amelie asked Mel B. to look at her eyes, The female contestant then said there are 22 jelly beans inside the glass – the female judge loudly counted it and it was exactly correct.

“You thought we are reading your mind.” Thommy then said. “Remember at the beginning, Amelie was standing next to a chalk board for she said it will be different tonight.”

“The board has been hanging in full view in full time, whatever is written in it cannot be changed,” Amelie. She goes on to reveal that they have not been reading their minds. Rather, that they have been controlling the judges’ minds.

The contestants then removed the red cloth and the judges were all left dumbfounded..

It was written in the board:

Simon will pick a purple jelly bean.
Heidi will select the bubble gum one.
Mel B. will have exactly 22 jelly beans!
We hope they’ll release spicy chocolate jelly beans very soon.

To see how they did it, better watch this video:

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