Watch: Pinoy eating machine wolfs down 5 quarter-pound burgers in 1 minute, sets world record

  • Rix “Terabite” Francisco finished off five quarter-pounder burgers in only one minute
  • He broke the previous world record of four burgers in one minute
  • Francisco surprised, happy nonetheless over his gastronomic performance

MANILA, Philippines – They don’t call him the “Terabite” for nothing.

As if making a name for himself in the local competitive eating circuit wasn’t enough, Rix Francisco also went global after he set a world record for consuming five quarter-pound burgers in just one minute.

Francisco achieved the feat over five other competitors on Saturday during the first History Con held at the World Trade Center in Manila.

The previous record was held by Polish-Canadian Peter Czerwinski who finished off four quarter-pound burgers in one minute in 2013.

Kept Eating

Francisco, who became popular for wolfing down humongous burgers offered by local burger shop Zark’s, said he was pleasantly surprised at having broken the world record.

“Nagulat ako, kasi noong past training namin, walang makagawa sa buong team namin, kasi siguro focus namin ‘yung five burgers. Nasa utak namin, kailangan namin maubos ‘yung five burgers,” he told ABS-CBN.

[I was surprised, because in our past training, no one in our entire team was able to do it, because we kept focusing on reaching five burgers. What was in our minds was we needed to finish five burgers.]

During the actual eat-off, Francisco said he focused more on eating rather than keeping count.

“So, ginawa kong strategy, ‘di ko siya binilang, tuloy-tuloy ‘yung kain ko hanggang sa hinintay ko na lang ‘yung announcement na kung ilan ‘yung nakain ko. So ‘yun nga, naka-five burgers ako within one minute. So ‘yun, nagulat na lang ako. Doon na lumabas ang adrenaline rush ko,” he said.

[So, my strategy was, I didn’t count, but I kept eating and waited until the announcement to know how much I ate. It came out that I finished five burgers in one minute. That’s why I was surprised. That’s when I had an adrenaline rush.]