Watch: Terrifying moment lion tries to snatch toddler from mother during live TV show

  • A lion cub attacked a baby on a live TV show in Mexico
  • Surprisingly the mother seemed to just laughed off the whole incident
  • Animal trainers managed to pull the lion away immediately before any mishap occurred

MEXICO CITY – A lion cub attacked a baby during a live TV show in Mexico recently, where the mother of the toddler and the show’s presenter along with the baby lion’s two trainers were also present.

The footage shows how a lion cub suddenly got aggressive and held the toddler’s legs while seemingly attempting to bite the kid.

An article by Elle Griffiths for the Mirror Co UK said the incident happened on Mexico’s live TV show named Con Sello de Mujer.

On the video, the mother was seen shouting initially when she saw the lion clawing her little girl in front of the TV show presenter and the trainers. The animal trainers managed to pull the lion away immediately before any mishap occurred.

During the interview, the baby started crying. Trainers assumed that the high-pitched squeal of the baby might have offended the wild animal’s sensitive ears and resulted to it grabbing the girl’s legs with both its paws.

The little girl begins to scream more and the girl’s panicked mother jumps up, trying to pry her daughter off the animal’s clutches. The mother jumps off and started shouting, seeing her baby in danger, but this seems to aggravate the lion further.

Meanwhile, many online users criticized the mother who was seen apparently laughing, though nervously, during the incident.

The show presenter was seen trying to keep everyone calm and can be heard asking the mother to keep calm to avoid aggravating the lion.

An article by Tom Michael for The Sun said that one of the trainers was telling the mother in Spanish, “Relax, relax, relax. Don’t move, don’t move.”

Luckily the baby is safe and nobody was injured after the incident. According to the trainers, the lion was playing with the baby and doesn’t have any intent to kill; however, many believe otherwise. Besides, for the baby it must have been traumatizing.