‘Wicked’ mom viciously beating, strangling her 1-year-old son caught on CCTV

  • A husband in India suspected that his wife has been beating their 1-year-old son
  • He installed a CCTV camera inside their room and his suspicion was confirmed
  • He wants his wife to face charges but her family turned the table against him instead

A man from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh was not surprised to discover that her wife had been abusing their 1-year-old son, but it shocked him nonetheless after watching the disturbing episode by himself.

The husband, named Deepak, said he suspected that his partner, Poonam, had been hurting the baby after noticing bruises on his body so he decided to install a CCTV inside their room.

His worst fear was finally confirmed after watching the security footage the next day.

In the clip, the wife can be seen repeatedly beating the infant for no apparent reason.

She lifted the boy in the air by his neck before roughly dropping him to the bed face down. The woman then started slapping the baby’s behind with her two hands in full force.

She even tried to strangle the little boy after shaking him repeatedly.

The distraught husband also recalled his wife had once tried to bang the baby’s head on the wall.

He reportedly made a copy of the footage and submitted it to authorities, hoping to make his wife liable for the abuses against the child.

However, the woman’s family turned the table against him by accusing Deepak of violence against her. He allegedly used to harass his wife over dowry, the family claimed.

In an interview with The Hindustan Times, the teary-eyed father denied the charges, saying he only wants his son back.

“All I want to say is I want my child back and these people can do whatever they like.

Watch the CCTV footage (via STOMP) below: