Woman charged with 3 counts of bestiality pleads guilty, to receive sentence in November

  • Jenna Louise Driscoll, 26, has pleaded guilty to three counts of bestiality
  • Law enforcement say they found 3 videos on her phone undertaking lewd act
  • On November 3 the Queensland woman is likely to be sentenced

A woman’s animalistic behavior has engaged her into the wild act of having an intimate scene with a dog.

Jenna Driscoll, 26, from Queensland pleaded guilty to three counts of bestiality; a term for sex between a person and an animal.

Driscoll’s lewd act is supported by evidence which police authorities have confiscated from her as part of investigation for her alleged intimate encounter with a canine.

The police charged Driscoll for bestiality in October 2014, after confiscating her mobile phone where they found three videos of the woman having intercourse with the same dog.

The woman may have reached the peak of sexual pleasure with the dog that she committed it with the same dog thrice.

The woman’s encounter with a dog is categorized as a form of animal violence and abuse.

Animal welfare advocates would also hit Driscoll for using the dog as a sex toy to satisfy her sexual desire.

Driscoll faced Brisbane District Court Thursday last week for the ongoing court inquiry when she entered guilty pleas for her rude act.

She is expected to be sentenced on November 3.