Woman praises 911 for quick response in ‘bizarre’ love triangle incident

  • Condo resident shared her story of bizarre incident involving a love triangle and 911
  • She recounted how neighbor’s lover tried to pass through her unit to escape angry husband
  • She called 911 after guards were able to contain the trio, was impressed with their response time

MANILA, Philippines – 911 does work — just ask this lady who inadvertently became mixed up in a bizarre love triangle incident.

According to Rosario Juan on her Facebook, she was about to go to bed at 1:30 AM in the morning of August 1 in her condo unit several floors above when she saw a foreigner sitting at her balcony window. The foreigner, she said, claimed he left his keys and was begging her to let him in.

Calling his alibi preposterous, Juan said she called a guard who explained to her that the man was the lover of her upstairs neighbor and was trying to flee her furious husband. On hearing this, she relented letting him in after the guard called his colleague to restrain him. At that point while they were exiting down to the lobby, the wife and husband also appeared and accompanied him.

Still feeling pumped up because of the adrenaline, Juan said she called 911 to file a complaint and see if the system really did work.

“A little less than an hour later, I was told that the police officers wanted to see me. I came down to the lobby to see the love triangle at the lobby. I was told that I couldn’t press charges for “trespassing” but that the husband could press charges although the 3 of them may opt to settle. They will just take him in to teach him a lesson. And they wanted to speak to me and hopefully their presence would calm me down and make me feel safer,” she said.

Juan also asked the responding officers if they came because of her 911 call. After receiving a yes, she praised them for answering quickly and asked to take their picture as proof that the system does work.

She also has this caveat to say for philanderers.

“And everyone should know that CHEATING IS BAD and 911 WORKS!” she wrote.

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