A grandpa buys his grandkid a teddy bear that is too huge to be true

  • Grandfather Daniel Gonzales buys a teddy bear for his granddaughter
  • The teddy bear was bigger than their couch and was difficult to fit in the house
  • The bear was for her five month old granddaughter who he spoils a lot

If you’re asked who love you the most, of course, the response would be your parents. And if you’re asked who love you more than your parents, no wonder the answer would be your grandparents.

It’s no doubt that in every generation or culture, grandparents are really the ones who love their grandkids over the top. And this is proven by a grandfather who recently gifted his five-month-old granddaughter a teddy bear she can’t even wrap around her arms.

Grandpa Daniel Gonzales, who works for a wholesale shop in the US, posted on Facebook a photo of a gigantic bear, which caught the attention of her daughter Sabrina. Sabrina joked in a comment that her baby Maddie needs one of those enormous toy bear.

Well, Daniel, being the grandpa to spoil his little angel, bought the bear and brought it home to Maddie.

“Then 15 minutes later he sends me a picture of the bear right next to his truck and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was kidding,’” said Sabrina in an ABC interview. Guess mommy is too late to keep grandpa for giving little Maddie the biggest gift she may ever receive as a kid.

Sabrina did not think the bear was too big based on the pictures her dad posted. But when Daniel brought the bear home, Sabrina can’t believe her eyes.

“I didn’t think it was that big. My dad kind of over-dramatizes things, but when I got there I was like, ‘Oh my God, this thing is bigger than the couch’,” she said.

Maddie, being the tiny one that she is, had to get to use to her huge buddy. But it didn’t take a while before she got along well with her new toy.