Actor Paolo Contis says he believes there are good cops, is also in favor of compulsory drug tests for celebrities

  • Actor Paolo Contis says he still believes there are good cops in the country
  • He is also in favor of compulsory drug tests for celebrities
  • He is set to play the role of a good cop in the drama Alyas Robin Hood

Actor Paolo Contis expressed support for the ongoing “war on drugs”; saying he still believes there are still good cops and that he is in favor of having mandatory drug tests for celebrities.

Contis is set to play a good cop in the new GMA Network primetime drama, Alyas Robin Hood.

“I’m a straight cop because my dad was a cop, and I’m very proud of that. Sobrang matino akong imbestigador. Ako kasi ang magiging lead investigator sa vigilante work ni Alyas Robin Hood. [I am a very proper investigator. I will be the lead investigator of the vigilante work by Alyas Robin Hood],” he explains his role to GMA News.

For his role, Contis decided to shave his head; making him look like Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

He also said he believes there are good cops in the country. His character will also show the importance of being on the good side of the law, as opposed to the vigilante style of Dindong Dantes’ character Alyas Robin Hood.

Maraming masama, maraming pangit, pero I think naman mayroon that exist. I think sa akin mapupunta ‘yung [There are a lot of bad, a lot of ugly, but I think that there are those who exist. I think it will be up to me the] responsibility to show the people that clean cops exist. Siyempre [Of course] Dingdong will be a vigilante, and yes it will be nice to watch. But nasa side ko ‘yun para ipakita na [I am in the side that will show that] it’s still not good to put matters into your own hands when it comes to these things,” he adds.

As for his fellow celebrities, the actor said those in showbiz should set a good example to the public, thus his support for mandatory drug tests in the entertainment industry.

Bakit hindi? Kasi sa totoo lang [Why not? Because in reality], we also owe it to our work, na hindi ka pahirap, na maging maayos kang katrabaho [that you won’t be a burden, that you will do your job well]. We’re paid to work properly, not be drugged,” he told the Philippine Entertainment Portal.