After Gong Yoo’s confirmation, many people expressed excitement on Train to Busan sequel

  • Many people expressed excitement on the Korean film Train to Busan‘s sequel
  • Gong You confirmed the news by tweeting using his official Twitter  account
  • Train to Busan was an official entry in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Who wants a ‘Train to Busan’ sequel?

Since the confirmation about the Korean film’s sequel, many have been expressing excitement on social media.

In an article written by Nathalie of Movie News Guide, it was disclosed that lead actor Gong Yoo confirmed the news by tweeting using his official Twitter account.

“And there will be a sequel of Train to Busan. For you all,” he said.

Train to Busan, an official entry in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, revolves around a group of passengers in a train bound to Busan who are fighting against zombies in a nationwide outbreak.

It received a standing ovation at a non-competition screening during the event. When it finally got released to the general public, the impressive reception continued — not only in its home country but all over the world.

And as expected, many people got excited with Gong Yoo’s confirmation.

“I’m so excited if it will really happen especially here in the Philippines. More power to you!” wrote Twitter user @sweetychue.

“If the ending’s going to be a happy one, please do so. I’m still an emotional wreck after watching the movie,” said  @MEMES0L.

“If you’ve watch Train to Busan, you’re probably dying for a sequel!” posted Facebook user J.R.

“OMG. I wish on the sequel of the story all the zombies will turn to human again,” expressed @alcantarajoy109.

Meanwhile, possible remakes in US and France are also in negotiations; with Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox among the front runners.

“Although no deal has yet been decided or signed, we’re in talks with major studios and indie production houses in Hollywood and France that are highly interested in remaking the film,” a source disclosed.

As of September 7, it is reported that the movie has grossed a total of $88,146,403 worldwide.

Watch one of the trailers of Korean film Train to Busan: