After losing everything in house fire, kindness of strangers online leaves woman in awe

  • Strangers helped out an online user after she posted that she lost everything in a house fire
  • They sent her grocery items and even a blanket for her pet bunny
  • The user was in tears for all the help she got

There are still a lot of good Samaritans out there, and a woman, whose house was burnt, will attest to that.

Last July, Imgur user HoppersKiddy was in the lowest pit after her apartment got burned in a fire accident. She posted the photo of her burnt home on the social media site.

“I came to Imgur on what was the toughest day of my life,” she said on Imgur; as quoted on a Mirror feature.

“My apartment had just been lost in a house fire,” she added.

She has just lost everything and her pet rabbit was also feeling sickly at the time.

But thanks to people who followed her post, she was able to recover from the grave misfortune. Amazingly, strangers started sending in grocery items to HoppersKiddy and even a blanket for her pet.

“So many of you offered kind words and asked for my address to send me some things… Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are? Seriously,” she also wrote on the social media site.

The items donated included snacks such as cookies, crackers, toothpaste, toothbrush and other helpful products.

“I cried when I saw this note,” she said.

“The outpour of support was amazing, and the fact that a child would give up one of their blankets for my baby boy was just so touching… No words. Still tearing up from this.”

HoppersKiddy is just very thankful for the help that came her way. So far, she and her pet bunny has now moved to a new home.

Source :

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