After selling guitar, Gary Granada puts ukulele in auction

  • Gary Granada is putting his ukulele up for auction after bidding his guitar out
  • He said he will be using the money to finance a “foolish CNB project”
  • Outpouring support from netizens came in after Gary Granada posted his ‘auction video’

After selling his guitar to pay for legal fees and some projects, Gary Granada is now putting his ukulele up for auction.

The country singer recently posted a video of a politically-inspired song he composed during the time of former President Noynoy Aquino. There, he put out his ukulele for auction, but did not state a starting bid amount.

Granada says this is for a “CNB project” he started. Netizens gave outpouring support to Granada; some even said that he must start giving ukulele lessons because heds make much more money there.

He said ukulele of the same kind can be bought anywhere but the ukulele has high value because it is close to his heart and it has a good tuning.

Just recently, Granada also auctioned his guitar to pay for legal fees for a copyright case against GMA Network. Granada accused the Kapuso Network of intellectual property rights infringement when they used his study the network originally rejected. Netizens noted that this is a testament of the dismal state of Filipino musicians, where musical talent are usually taken for granted.

Granada is a singer-composer known for his compositions that carry highly political themes.

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