Aguirre: Sebastian willing to testify only on food anomalies, not on drug trade

  • Bilibid inmate is willing to testify at the Lower House, but only on alleged food supply anomalies
  • DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said Sebastian won’t spill the beans on the illegal drug trade at Bilibid
  • The official added he rejected Sebastian’s condition if he’s not going to tell the truth

MANILA, Philippines – Bilibid convict Jaybee Sebastian is reportedly not willing to testify on the illegal drug trade inside the National Bilibid Prison (NBP), but only on the alleged food supply anomalies, this was the latest announcement from Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.

Earlier on Monday, Aguirre said the Department of Justice (DOJ) will be presenting Sebastian at the Lower House hearing which will resume next week, although the official admitted he doubts whether the latter will be testifying against Senator Leila De Lima.

Sebastian was earlier tagged by De Lima as a “favored” government asset and the main source of their information regarding the illegal activities at Bilibid, which they used to implement the “Oplan Galugad” in 2014 when she was still heading the DOJ.

But Aguirre said they might as well cancel their plan on Sebastian’s appearance at the hearing since they did not expect him to tell the truth, much less, pin down De Lima like the other convicts did in previous hearing.

“Ayaw niyang umamin pagdating doon sa illegal drug trade. Ang gusto lang niya anomalies, corruption tungkol doon sa monthly P10 million tungkol sa food supply,” said Aguirre during a press briefing.

[He (Sebastian) does not want to confess on the illegal drug trade. He wants only to testify regarding the anomalies, the corruption on the monthly P10 million food supply.]

The DOJ chief reiterated they may no longer need Sebastian’s testimony since they have enough testimonial evidence from other inmates.

“Kapag hindi rin lang buong katotohanan ang sasabihin, I reject it,” he added. [If he won’t speak the truth, I reject it.]

However, Aguirre expressed openness at granting Sebastian immunity if in case the latter decided to speak the truth about the proliferation of illegal drug trade at Bilibid.

“With respect to immunity, it’s up to him if he is willing to confess. If he does, we will consider it,” Aguirre said.


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  1. why they won’t allow Sebastian to testify if he will not pin down D5? Are the food anomalies not criminal acts? Why choose who to convict when I thought the President hate corrupt government employees so this expose will involve a lot of BJMP officials and employees.

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