Alleged ‘fake priest’ strikes in Iloilo

  • An alleged ‘fake priest’ victimizes several towns in the province of Iloilo
  • He introduced himself as “Fr. Cabrera”, a Benedictine priest
  • He officiated masses and baptisms and got a lot of money during his stay as a guest priest in Dingle and Dueñas

An alleged ‘fake priest’ reportedly struck several towns in the province of Iloilo.

According to one Facebook, post the fake priest identified himself as “Fr. Cabrera” and came to St. Gerome Parish in Dueñas, Iloilo as a guest priest.

Image from Beboso Kushitokiku Facebook account
Image from Beboso Kushitokiku Facebook account

The Facebook user warned the public that the man is a fake and before he came to Iloilo, he had already a string of victims in some areas in Cotabato.

He shared several photos of “Fr. Cabrera”. In one photo, he was seen wearing a cassock or soutane (‘sutana’)

The post has now over 2,000 shares and a lot of netizens commented that the man had a lot of victims in Dueñas.

Some shared their personal encounters with “Fr. Cabrera”, who introduced himself as a Benedictine priest. They said that he really seemed like a real priest.

Someone commented that the alleged fake priest claimed that he’s based in France and just came back to the Philippines because of his uncle who was sick.

The fake priest had been conducting his activities for quite some time until someone recognized him and reported him.

After the story about “Fr. Cabrera” broke out, several citizens from Dingle, Iloilo claimed that he also came to their town as a guest priest and the town parish priest confirmed that  “Fr. Cabrera” is not a real priest.

The victims lamented that aside from the money that “Fr. Cabrera” got, what’s harder to accept is that he officiated masses and baptisms in many barangays during his stay as a guest priest in Dingle and Dueñas.

In an interview with Kicker Daily News, one victim shared that she and two of her friends had their cars blessed by “Fr. Cabrera” last April in Dingle.

She said that the fake priest claimed that he’s also a doctor but he left his previous profession because being a priest is his calling.

It was only after the story of “Fr. Cabrera” broke out that she learned that he was a fake.

The victims are hoping that he will be caught and pay for his crimes.