Amazing loyalty! Nonagenarian secretary marks 80 years of service

  • A 99-year-old woman celebrates her 80th year as secretary in Culver Academies, Indiana
  • Elisabeth Davis works in Culver Academies Indiana
  • Davis uses an old typewriter in keeping up the records of each faculty member — is still much loved by faculty members and students

“The academy has been good to me and I try the best that I can, and I’m just blessed with another day to do what I can do.”

These are the words of 99-year-old, Elisabeth Davis, secretary of Culver Academies in Indiana who celebrated her 80th Anniversary in service.

Amazing dedication, right?

Davis gives emphasis that she likes working with people, and at the same time, keeping the faculty records in the Academy using a typewriter.

After attending  Culver High School in 1935, she went for her first job and stayed at it. Davis reportedly worked as assistant to the dean in Culver Academies with 34 students until the school’s population went up to 814. She had short breaks to give time to raise her son and daughter.

“Originally I needed a job with the finances of me and my husband,” said Davis. Then she professed having stayed in the Academy for 80 years because she loves her work. She described that she is happy with people giving her praises that she is doing a good job.

“Davis’ presence is a blessing,” said William Hargraves, the school’s director of communications; adding that she has always been a woman of faith and inspiration.

Davis lives independently after her husband’s death in 2004. And as per a Mirror story, the much-admired nonagenarian has no plan to quit her job yet!

Let’s watch this celebration of her 80th ‘workiversary’ as described by USA Newsblok24: