Angeli Valenciano speaks up on son Gab’s split with Tricia Centenera

  • Angeli Valenciano released their family’s statement over the separation of Gab and Tricia
  • They are requesting for privacy as they try to handle the problem
  • Tricia admitted that Gab is asking for a divorce

MANILA, Philippines – The separation of Gab Valenciano and Tricia Centenera is probably one of the most talked about issue in the local entertainment industry nowadays.

In behalf of the Valenciano family, Gab’s mother, Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano released a statement regarding the marital woes of Gab and Tricia.

In a statement sent to ABS-CBN News’ Mario Dumaual, she said: “The Valencianos’ stand: This is a family matter. Not everything you read is true. Everyone makes mistakes. But this is too sensitive a matter to simply make statements about. We request for privacy as we try to handle this hurdle in our life with wisdom and faith.”

In a phone interview with Gretchen Fullido, Tricia said her separation with Gab is not yet “official,” but she confirmed that the latter is asking for a divorce.

She also claimed that Gab was emotionally abusive to her when they were still together and stressed that she is not the unfaithful one in the relationship.

Although she didn’t drop names Tricia emphasized that she’s not the unfaithful one in their relationship.

There were reports that came out linking Gab to cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, model Dani Camcam, actress Issa Pressman, and showbiz newcomer Lauren Reid.

Both Lauren and Alodia spoke up regarding the issue and they denied that they are the cause of the couple’s break-up.

Social media followers of the couple started speculating on the ‘break-up’ after Tricia posted cryptic messages through her Twitter account.

She wrote: “Rebuilding, because I don’t tolerate cheaters.”

She also reposted a tweet that listed rules of a relationship: “5 rules of a relationship: 1. Stay faithful. 2. Make them feel wanted. 3. Respect your partner. 4. Don’t flirt with others. 5. Make time.”

As for Gab, he tweeted: “New beginnings. Life is a continuous journey of struggle. Might as well live it by struggling strong.”

Netizens also noticed that the pair had stopped posting photos of them together.