Another ‘Honesto’ Story: Despite financial hardships, Davao cab driver returns phone left by foreigner

  • Davao taxi driver returns phone left by a passenger
  • Driver refused to accept reward
  • Cab driver received praises from a police officer, netizens

A touching story of another honest taxi driver who wholeheartedly returned a mobile phone left in his taxi is now circulating online which gathered praises from netizens.

Despite hardships in life and having a blind and unable to walk father, Bryan Paica, as netizens identified the taxi driver, decidedly chose to return the phone left on his cab’s seat; after answering the fifth call from the owner, as narrated by the wife of the foreigner who unknowingly left the phone.

Mae Phelps narrated that she and her husband went to SM Lanang Premier in Davao City via a cab that dropped them at the entrance of the mall heading to the 2nd floor restaurants near the fountain area on Monday.

But when her husband was unable to find his phone after constantly searching in his bag, they became worried.

The wife advised her husband that he must have left it at home but the foreigner said that he brought it with him.

Suspecting that he must have left it in the taxi, the wife looked for a reloading station so she could call her husband’s phone.

The phone rang for four times but nobody took the call until the fifth one.

“Maam I’m sorry if i keep cancelling the call, i don’t know how to use this phone. I am at the region 12 office and i will go there at the SM Lanang to give the phone back,” said the man on the other line [on the fifth call].

Minutes later, Mae saw a man inside a cab waving his hand with her husband’s phone. She went directly to get the gadget.

The woman offered the man a reward but he refused to accept. The woman, however, insisted and thanked him.

Later, a police came to ask what happened and Mae narrated the story.

The police commended and saluted the honest cab driver: “Good job and keep it up.”

As with all heartwarming stories of honesty and kindness, the post has gone viral as it is truly worth sharing.

Netizens prayed that God will bless the honest driver, and that his story should inspire others to follow his good deed.

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Mae Phelps