Anti-meme site busts De Lima’s Careless Whisper’: She sang for campaign volunteers, not drug lords

  • Anti-meme site debunked newest meme claiming senator sang for drug lords
  • It said she was actually singing for her campaign volunteers during a send-off party
  • Video itself was originally uploaded by her supporter

MANILA, Philippines – Did she sing ‘Careless Whisper’ in front of drug lords detained at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP)?

According to Memebuster, NO!

The anti-meme site, dedicated to debunking memes and other news with questionable sources, busted a new post accusing the senator of singing for drug lords in Bilibid. It said she was actually singing for her campaign volunteers at a sendoff party during the election period.

As proof, the site pointed to the poster behind the band which read “WE LOVE YOU TOO! FROM: HUSTISYA VOLUNTEERS” and cross-referenced it with earlier pictures showing the same poster.

“This is because the video was for the sendoff party of De Lima’s supporters during the campaign period. She was definitely not singing to the drug lords and inmates, but to her volunteers,” the site said.

The site also mentioned that the video was originally uploaded by a De Lima supporter named Evelyn Tanael Tagoo on her Facebook page.

In one of Tagoo’s albums, more pictures of De Lima’s sendoff party for her volunteers can be shown — with the hanging poster clearly visible.

“If the video was not clear enough, the same supporter also uploaded stills of De Lima’s victory party—a boodle fight,” the site said.

An earlier post claiming the senator sang for high-profile convict Herbert Colangco was debunked after the senator said she was singing during her birthday party at the DOJ quadrangle. Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas also confirmed it was him, not convict Herbert Colangco who was with De Lima during the event.

Tagoo’s uploaded video: