Arrested thieves in Ilocos Norte deny robbery, say they only wanted ‘loving-loving’

  • Three suspected thieves were arrested in an elementary school in Ilocos Norte
  • However, they denied allegations of robbery; with one saying he only wanted to spend the night with his boyfriend
  • The three are currently in police custody while one accomplice who served as lookout escaped

Three members of a notorious robbery gang in Ilocos Norte were arrested after they allegedly broke into a school building.

The suspected thieves were found inside one of the classrooms of the Patad Elementary School in Barangay 7 in the town of Sarrat.

Police said that the suspects, Hilario Salines, Reymund Manio, and Justine Balagat, forced their way in and broke the lock of the door of the Grade 5 classroom.

Another suspect named Dexie Duldulao, who served as the group’s lookout, had escaped with around P1,000 in cash.

However, the suspects denied that they had intended to rob the school; with one insisting that he had only wanted to have an intimate moment with his boyfriend and spend the night in the classroom.

Wala naman kaming balak na magnakaw. Mag-loving-loving lang sana kami ni boyfriend. [We didn’t have any intention to rob. We just wanted to have loving-loving with my boyfriend],” Manio, who was arrested with his partner Balagat, told ABS-CBN News.

However, the police are not buying their story.

Senior Inspector Romeo Carlet Jr. said that the suspects are also believed to be involved in a series of robbery incidents in the town.

The suspects Salines, Manio, and Balagat are currently under police custody while their accomplice Duldulao currently remains at large.

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