Bangkok emerges as the world’s top destination in global survey

  • Bangkok is the world’s top destination for international travelers in 2016
  • Over 21.47 million visitors are expected to travel to the Thai capital
  • Asia Pacific Region is also among the fastest growing regions for tourism

A global survey revealed that Bangkok has emerged as the top destination for travelers in the whole world.

According to the 2016 Global Destination Cities Index conducted by Mastercard, the capital of Thailand is expected to have over 21.47 million visitors this year, more than any of the 132 cities included in the study.

Bangkok edged out much bigger cities such as London, with 19.88 million expected visitors, Paris with 18.03 million visitors, Dubai with 15.27 million visitors, and New York with 12.75 million.

Other cities in the Southeast Asian region such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, are included in the top 10 and are expected to have more than 12 million forecasted international overnight visitors within the year.

Istanbul, Tokyo, and Seoul complete the top 10 in the Mastercard survey.

“The way people travel and spend across borders indicates just how interconnected and important the world’s cities are,” explained Mastercard President of International Markets Ann Cairns.

The study also shows that the Asia Pacific Region has emerged as the fastest growing market for international visits, with Osaka in Japan expected to have the highest growth this year.

Meanwhile, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is expected to received the highest income from its international visitors with spending forecast reaching $31.3 billion this year. This is followed by London with $19.76 billion, New York with $18.52 billion, Bangkok with $14.84 billion, and Tokyo with $13.48 billion.

Tourism has become a major source of income for many parts of the world, particularly in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

The survey also included Manila which ranked in 74th place overall with 1.32 million expected international visitors who are forecast to bring in $98 million to the economy.