Baste Duterte used to criticisms against father, President Duterte

• Baste Duterte said their family is used to the political jabs directed at his father, President Duterte
• The younger Duterte said that although used to criticisms, their family is not entirely unaffected
• The criticisms, Baste said, comes with the territory

The youngest presidential son, Sebastian Duterte, more popularly known as simply Baste, said their family is used to criticisms being hurled against their father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

In an interview on Thursday, September 22, during the launch of “Probinsaya,” an art exhibit celebrating Mindanao’s untold treasures, Baste said they are used to political jabs thrown at their father, adding it came with the territory.

Before he became President, the older Duterte was mayor of Davao City for over two decades.

Asked if he still gets hurt when he heard criticisms against his father, Baste replied “not really.”

“Not really, it’s politics, it’s gonna happen. I’m his son for 28 years. We had it coming. Alam niyo naman ‘yun [You know that],” he told ABS-CBN News.

The ruggedly handsome Baste, who became a social media darling after he was thrust to the limelight when he was tasked to do rounds to campaign for his father during the campaign period of the 2016 Presidential Elections, said that although they are somewhat used to criticisms, they were not totally unaffected by them.

“Of course, maaapektuhan ka naman; it’s just that marunong ka lang maging numb [Of course you get affected. It’s just that you learn how to get numb],” he explained.

Baste also talked about how his sister, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, is coping with the loss of two of the three unborn babies in her womb.

“She’s okay, okay naman siya. Yes, she lost the twins but there is still one more so she’s resting, she’s always resting. Maybe trying to go to work, but not really working araw-araw siguro sa opisina [but not really working in the office everyday]. She needs to be careful to take care of the baby,” he said.