Bridesmaid dies after being ‘forced to drink’ at a wedding

  • A bridesmaid in China died after having one drink too many at a wedding
  • Reportedly, guests at her table have pressured her to down glass after glass of baiju
  • She died at the hospital after choking on her own vomit
  • The family remains undecided whom to blame for the victim’s tragic death

A bridesmaid in China has died after choking to death on her own vomit when guests allegedly ‘forced’ her to drink at a wedding banquet.

The unnamed 28-year-old bridesmaid had one drink too many which proved to be too much for her that cost her own life. She was supposedly pressured to down glass after glass of baiju; a potent liquor containing 40 to 60 percent alcohol.

In the clip that has gone viral on Chinese social media, the woman, wearing a black dress, can be seen being egged on by men to drink baiju as the crowd of guests cheered her on.

Later, the woman can be seen passing out and being carried away by two men into a hotel luggage trolley. She was being supported by some smiling guests before the trolley was wheeled away.

The next moment, she was seen on a hospital bed, apparently unconscious and being resuscitated by hospital staff.

According to a nurse at the hospital, the woman arrived unconscious and reeking of alcohol. Unfortunately, they failed to revive her.

Police are now investigating the incident to determine who should be responsible for her untimely death.

The family of the victim remains undecided whom to blame, even as compensation for the deceased would be a matter for them and the newlyweds to decide.

However, some netizens said the victim, being an adult who should know her limits, should also bore some responsibility for her own tragedy.