[Video] Brother claims Iranian man met Jesus before his execution

  • Alireza Asadi was one of the 12 prisoners executed in Iran end of August
  • He described his meeting with Jesus as his “best experience”
  • A day before he was executed, he told his brother he firmly believed that life after death is much better than his life in this world

TEHRAN, Iran – A man, who was executed in Iran, said he met Jesus before his death as claimed by his brother who posted his last words on Facebook.

It was mentioned in a Farsi Christian News Network  story that Alireza Asadi, who was one of the 12 prisoners executed in Iran at the end of August, said his meeting with Jesus was his “best experience.”

Alireza’s story was shared by his brother, Mohsen, on his Facebook post which has been shared online by American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini.

Pastor Saeed was released in January after being imprisoned in Iran for two-and-a-half years.

A day before Alireza was executed, he told his brother that everything was going well and that he firmly believed that life after death is much better than his life in this world.

The Christian prisoner also told his brother that he did not harbor any ill feelings and that he knows he will be at peace.

“For many of you it was a question if I am a Christian or not. But now I say that I am a Christian. And now I have one or two days til I will die. And I hope it will never happen to you guys. During these moments you forgive all the bad that has happened to you,” Alireza told his brother.

“But the most I want tell you is the best experience that I had. And that was meeting Jesus. And I don’t want to force you guys, but please start to get to know Him. If you just read two sentences from the Bible, you will never leave it again,” he added.

A story by Lorraine Caballero for Christian Daily said that on August 27, Iran executed 12 prisoners despite pleas from their families and Ahmed Shaheed; the United Nations expert and Special Rapporteur on Iran Human Rights.

In a statement published on the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Shaheed expressed deep regret that the Iranian government has decided to push through with the executions for acts that do not fall under the “most serious crimes” under international law.

Shaheed said that he once again called on Iran to immediately suspend its practice of executions. He urged the government to reserve the death penalty only for those who commit intentional killings and other forms of very serious crimes.