Catholic Church in PH ‘welcomes’ drug addicts

  • Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has opened the doors of the Manila Archdiocese for drug addicts struggling to change their lives
  • Tagle says this is part of a community-based rehabilitation program spearheaded by various government agencies
  • DILG has affirmed that faith-based approach in solving drug addiction has been effective in the past

The Catholic Church is presenting an alternative way to address the rampant drug problem in the country.

Known as a critic of any form of killings, the Catholic Church, headed by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, has opened the door of the Manila Archdiocese for drug dependents willing to change their lives for the better.

Tagle says their ‘community-based rehabilitation program’ will be instituted in many parishes in Metro Manila. This way, the Church will be active in helping drug addicts change their life through counseling, spiritual formation, and other methods. Skills formation and livelihood programs will also be launched to counter drug problem.

“We are here for you. Let us not waste life. It is important and it has to be protected and nurtured,” Tagle said.

The Catholic Church is one of the staunchest critic opposing unorthodox means of solving the drug problem, particularly extrajudicial killings.

They said that the most effective way of solving the issue of drugs is through rehabilitation. The Church has partnered with various local agencies for their community-based rehab, among them the Office of the Vice President, the DILG, DOH, and PNP.

DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno and Vice President Leni Robredo have already expressed support for the program. Robredo earlier said that the faith-based approach in dealing with drug addiction has been effective in some provinces, particularly in Camarines Sur and Catanduanes.

This is in light of President Duterte’s declaration of an all-out war versus drugs, which has claimed lives of thousands of low-key pushers and users.