CBCP official to Duterte: You said you’d resign after six months if drug war ineffective

  • Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo blasted Duterte for six-month extension on drug war
  • He reminded president of his vow to resign after six months if it was ineffective
  • He also said gov’t should focus on rehab, anti-poverty and anti-corruption drives instead

MANILA, Philippines – Not a man of one word.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo had this to say about President Rodrigo Duterte even as he blasted the president for extending the government’s ongoing campaign against illegal drugs for another six months.

According to Pabillo, Duterte’s call for an extension basically amounted to an admission that his strategy against drugs was ineffective. He also said it was Duterte’s way of reneging on his vow to resign after six months if his campaign did not succeed.

“In the campaign, he categorically said the drug problem would be solved in six months or he would step down. But he is not a man of one word. His words cannot be trusted and he gives a lot of excuses,” the Philippine Star quoted him as saying.

“He made the people believe. Anybody in his right mind cannot claim that. Can he not see that his method is not effective?” he added.

Pabillo also urged the government to focus more on providing rehabilitation and anti-poverty programs to drug dependents as well as rooting out corruption. He said these measures are the only way of rooting out the deep-seated causes of drug use.

“It should be rehabilitation and implement a stronger anti-poverty campaign. He should also root out corruption in the police and the government. Where are the generals and the mayors who have been punished? Are there any?” he said.

Duterte and the Catholic Church leadership have been at odds over the former’s uncompromising stance against criminals, especially those involved in the drug trade.