Cebu Pacific to implement stricter measures in usage of gadgets during flights

  • Cebu Pacific bans usage of Samsung Galaxy Note7 in all of its flights starting today, September 11.
  • This comes after Samsung suspended its sale due to safety issues and possibilities of explosion
  • The gadget can be hand-carried but it must remain turned off in the whole duration of the flight

The country’s largest low-cost carrier has banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note7 in all of its flights starting today, September 11.

In a memorandum they issued, Cebu Pacific said they are implementing this measure in light of Samsung’s suspension of sales of said gadget due to safety issues. Prior to suspension, Samsung received reports of exploding batteries of their flagship mobile device.

The airline clarified that passengers are also prohibited in stowing Galaxy Note7 in their checked-in baggages. They are allowed to hand-carry it but the device must not be charged nor used during the flight. It must also be turned-off from the moment they board the aircraft.

Cebu Pacific wishes for the cooperation of their passengers, especially the Samsung users, because safety is still their utmost priority.

They said this measure will be implemented “until further notice”.

Cebu Pacific is not the first airline to ban the use of Samsung Galaxy Note7 in its flights. Some other carriers such as Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Virgin Australia have also implemented similar measures.

Other gadgets can still be used except during take-off and landing.