Could produce 100 kilograms a day: ‘Biggest shabu lab’ discovered in Mt. Arayat

  • Authorities uncovered massive shabu lab in village at the foot of Mt. Arayat
  • Laboratory had the capacity to produce 100 kilograms of shabu every day
  • Police said they will search for the two ‘Chinese-looking’ men who escaped the raid

MANILA, Philippines – A joint operation by law enforcement agencies have uncovered what has been described as possibly the biggest shabu laboratory ever after raiding a fenced-off compound in a remote village at the foot of Mt. Arayat, Pampanga on Thursday, September 22.

Pampanga provincial director Sr. Supt. Rodolfo Recomono Jr. said the raided laboratory yielded huge high-end equipment which had the capacity to produce 100 kilograms every day.

“This shabu laboratory is bigger than the one discovered in Camiling, Tarlac a few years ago. It could be the biggest clandestine shabu lab in the Philippines. The syndicate responsible for establishing this lab might have thought that it would not be discovered since it is located at the foot of the mountain and is surrounded by piggeries and poultries,” Rappler quoted him as saying.

The equipment has since been confiscated and placed under testing to see if they had already been used to manufacture shabu.

Recomono said they are also in trying to find two ‘Chinese-looking’ men who evaded the raid by scaling the fence at the back of the compound.

Arayat Mayor Emmanuel Alejandrino said the compound was originally supposed to be a hog farm after somebody applied for a permit last year. He added they became suspicious after the person didn’t come back to the municipal hall yet several luxurious vehicles regularly went in and out of the compound.

“It’s saddening and shocking to find out that in my own town there is a laboratory that can supply the entire country with shabu. We are glad that this was discovered. May this serve as warning to those who plan to set-up similar facilities in my town. Pasensyahan na lang tayo,” he said.