Daughter’s FB post re: Abu Sayyaf threat in Naga City lands police chief in hot water

  • A police chief’s daughter has posted a warning on Facebook about a possible terror attack in Naga City
  • The post said the Abu Sayyaf group has entered the city and is planning to launch an attack
  • The Naga police denied the information came from them
  • The police chief has been asked to explain about his daughter’s disturbing post

MANILA, Philippines – A Facebook post warning the people of Naga City of an impending terrorist attack by the Abu Sayyaf group has prompted police to investigate the source of information.

It turns out the post came from a daughter of the Caramoan Police chief who now has been asked to explain where the information came from.

It was on Tuesday, September 6, that a Facebook post went viral — after revealing that the ASG has entered Naga City and is supposedly planning to launch an attack.

It said: “JUST IN: Intelligence group of PNP Naga texted my father who is the Chief of Police – Caramoan that Abu Sayyaf members are now inside the City of Naga to perform possible terrorism attacks. Pls be safe everyone and avoid crowded places.”

The post was shared by one Jessa Aure Bermas.

In a radio interview, Chief Insp. Joselito Bermas, police chief of Caramoan, confirmed it was indeed his daughter, Jessa, who posted the message.

“She must have heard my conversation with my wife regarding the terroristic attacks that happened in Mindanao,” Bermas explained.

However, despite his admission and clarification, the Naga PNP reportedly took the post seriously and has treated the terror threat as real and a serious matter.

Naga City Information Officer SPO2 Toby Bongon told Bicol Standard that the alleged information did not come from them and most likely from another source like the Military Intelligence Group (MIG).

The post has been taken down within hours after posting, but apparently has already caused panic among social media users. Bermas’ teenage daughter has also apologized over her disturbing post.

Meanwhile, PNP spokesperson Sr. Supt. Dionardo Carlos has called the attention of Bermas to explain the matter.

“When intel reports are shared or passed to lower unit commanders, they must be able to assess the values of the report first,” Carlos said in a statement.

The Naga police remains on high alert although there has been no confirmed reports of Abu Sayyaf’s presence in the City.