De Lima denies millions in bank accounts, slams Aguirre

  • Senator Leila De Lima has denied she has millions in bank accounts
  • She also slammed Aguirre for using convicted criminals to pin her down
  • De Lima’s statement came after Aguirre revealed they have documentary evidence to prove her link to the illegal drug trade

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Leila De Lima has hit back at Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre over allegation that she received millions in drug money which were deposited in dummy bank accounts.

De Lima described Aguirre’s latest accusation as coming from a “mafia of lies and intrigues”.

“I have no millions or billions in my bank accounts. And I have no dummy accounts. Any alleged accounts that would be linked to me and my alleged drug links can only be fictitious,” De Lima said in a statement to Inquirer.

The embattled senator was referring to Aguirre’s claim that the DOJ is now in possession of Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC)  documents purportedly showing De Lima’s link to illegal drug trade at National Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Aguirre said these documents include bank transactions involving an amount “between P500 million and P1 billion”.

However, the Justice Secretary said it is very unlikely that the accounts would be under De Lima’s name as she is supposedly using dummies. Aguirre assured they will strengthen their case against the senator with the testimonial evidence of witnesses presented at the Lower House hearing.

But De Lima slammed Aguirre for using convicted criminals to pin her down in her alleged involvement in the proliferation of illegal drug trade at Bilibid during her term as DOJ secretary.

“Sec. Aguirre and his operators are a mafia of lies and intrigues who go to bed with criminal convicts just to get their perjured testimonies,” Del told Inquirer.

“In exchange, they give them immunity, immunity for drug lords and convicted criminals,” she added.

Last month, Aguirre also presented two witnesses, both of whom are DOJ employees who supposedly were used by De Lima to deposit millions to the bank account of her former driver Ronnie Dayan.



  1. so De Lima, what can you say about those 2 witnesses,.they are not convicted felons but DOJ employees, and your liaison to deposit millions to you former lover’s bank account.

  2. Dapat parusahan han po ang may kagagawan pero huwag idamay ang pari at CHR wala po silang kaugnayan dito…

    • wala nga silang kaugnayan dahil alang pera pero pag politics na may pera kahit boung simbahan ginagamit para pagtkpan nila mga politikong involved sa katiwalian..

  3. Eye for an eye, palayain na yan, bahala na ang mga kamag anak ng biktima niya magpatawad o magparusa, problem solved.

    • Yes terrible. But: It has been proven that death penalty does not stop future killings. Death is an easy escape.

      • Not about just stopping future killings, retribution can be refreshing to some, let them decide for themselves.

        • Reasons not to impose death penalty:
          – There is seldom or never 100% certainty that the suspect is indeed the offender. You can never undo death. Many times it has happened that innocent got this penalty.
          – Killing is no comfort for the victim..
          – Killing should NEVER be an option – else you give people the wrong idea to solve issues by killing.

          • What about the one that confessed, seen on CCTV and identified positively by a witness in broaddaylight at 5 yards away for a full 10 minutes? Can we kill that one? If 100% certainty is a requirement, why do we even bother to catch them, there’s a 1% chance they didnt. It’s a public safety issue as much as retribution and payment of debt to society. A small percentage of vaccinated will have permanent serious mobidity and a minute percentage will die but we still impose them to society.

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