De Lima says Duterte has become so low, calls the president misogynist, chauvinist

  • Senator De Lima called President Duterte misogynist and chauvinist
  • De Lima said it is regrettable that the President has become so low
  • President Duterte launched another tirade against the lady senator on Thursday, September 22

After President Rodrigo Duterte launched another tirade against her personal life, Senator Leila De Lima called the president misogynist and chauvinist.

The Inquirer mentioned that in a text message to reporters, Senator De Lima said: “Duterte’s latest verbal abuse vs me is simply characteristic of his being a misogynist and chauvinist. That’s all it is and there is no need to dignify it with any further reply.”

“It is regrettable that he has become so low. God help our country,” she added.

In his speech during the inauguration of a power plant in Misamis Oriental on Thursday, September 22, President Duterte slammed the lady senator for having an illicit affair with her personal driver, Ronnie Dayan.

“So what now? See, she was not only screwing her driver, she was screwing the nation,” the President said; adding “All the while, because of her propensity for sex, that happened. It’s only now I see a woman who was still smiling [when the screenshot of her photo scandal] surfaced on the social media. It seems like nothing happened. [expletive], if she were my mother, I will shoot her.”

President Duterte also said that De Lima built a name and became popular at his expense.

“De Lima, she was seven years chairman of human rights. Binibira niya ako. Hindi naman nag-file ng kaso [She was always criticizing me but she has never filed a case against me]. When she was Secretary of Justice, she was building a name at my expense para ma-popular (to become popular),” the President said.



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  1. Madam, patriotism is never been a problem, treason to its country are. And don’t even think fancy words can get you out this time. oh by the way, Yes GOD helped our Country, that is why your in a hot set now.

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