“Disappointed”: VP Leni laments slow house projects for post-Yolanda victims, vows to cut red tape

  • Vice president dismayed to discover only 25,000 houses completed for typhoon victims
  • Out of 25,000, only 2,500 are being occupied
  • She vowed to cut red tape, speed up processing time from three years to 15 days
  • She has since informed Duterte, president to set up meeting with other concerned agencies

MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Leni Robredo expressed her disappointment at the lack of houses and the snail-paced processing times of land titles to families stricken by Typhoon Yolanda.

“What we need are 205,000 houses. The report reaching us is that only 25,000 were completed. From the 25,000 that were completed, 2,500 were occupied,” the Philippine Star quoted her as saying. “That is too far from our target.”

Robredo, chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), attributed the problem to bureaucratic red tape.

“The problem is very common in most of the areas. It’s really bureaucratic red tape,” she said. “I was disappointed because it is called emergency shelter response, but three years after Yolanda, it is still not there.”

The vice president added that she has already informed President Rodrigo Duterte during their Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. She said the president has scheduled a meeting with concerned agencies on September 20 to tackle the housing backlog and hear her plan to reduce the processing time for land titles from three years to 15 days.

“We cannot do it alone in HUDCC as there are other agencies involved. That’s the problem. We want to shorten the processing time from 3 years to 15 days,” she said. “Maybe we can have the construction already start while the title to the property is being processed, because what is happening now is they wait for the title before they begin building.”