Disney’s Princess Jasmine gets a wardrobe makeover after receiving complaints from park-goers for “showing too much skin”

  • Princess Jasmine from the animated movie “Aladdin” gets a costume makeover
  • Gone is the midriff-baring two-piece outfit and replaced with a more modest design
  • The reason for the change is due to some complaints about the costume showing too much skin 

It’s a whole new world of fashion for the beloved Princess Jasmine.

The female protagonist in Disney’s 1992 animated film “Aladdin” is getting a wardrobe change with a more modest costume for the animated studio’s Disneyland and Disney World talents.

Image from Instagram
Image from Instagram

Gone is the midriff-baring two-piece outfit the Arabian princess wears in the animated movie. The new costume design covers the entire torso with long sleeves and still features the traditional harem pants which is now covered by a sheer skirt.

According to a Facebook post by All Access Disney, there were variety of reasons for this change.

“One of the complaints was the costume showing the stomach was not a good role model for young girls,” the statement reads.

They added: “Another reason is because they have been giving all characters a makeover.”

Disney has been slowly updating the looks of the princesses in the park, and Jasmine is actually one of the last to get a new look, having been wearing the same design for the past 24 years.

Jasmine’s costume in particular has been criticized in recent years by both feminists and Muslim critics for misrepresenting Arab or Muslim women and has served as  an unworthy role model to impressionable young girls.

Another reason that All Access Disney had cited was that some guests get out of line, with the park actresses getting catcalled or harassed by park-goers.

The change in the princess’ costume led to mixed reactions on social media.

“Next she’ll be made to wear a Burka,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Every photo I see of Jasmine’s new costume makes me hate it more. It photographs terribly,” another tweets.

While some say the update does not do the beloved character justice, some park-goers claim that it actually looks better when seen in person.