Dog strangled in a plastic container rescued

  • A dog’s head has been strangled in a plastic container for days
  • Residents living near the garbage dump where he was didn’t help him get out of it
  • He was rescued by authorities to be able to remove the plastic

A dog that almost died after being strangled with a plastic container around his neck has been rescued.

Authorities of the Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit rushed to a garbage dump in a housing site after they received a report about the dog’s condition.

Nicknamed “Plasty”, the dog was scouring for food in the garbage dump when its head was stuck to a plastic container.

He was brought to Dr Nabila Sarkawi of the Widlife Rescue Unit. Dr Nabila tranquilized Plasty and removed the container that was barring his breathing.

“The dog was severely dehydrated and probably had no food or water for days. It would not have survived another 36 hours with the container stuck to its head,” said Nabila.

Apparently, those living in the area did not bother to help Plasty out of the breathless situation.

After Nabila removed the container, Plasty was brought to SPCA Kota Kinabalu for further treatment. Plasty had been in a stable condition since and was brought to a shelter for his recovery.

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