Dog with cancer lives to see master’s wedding; dies peacefully after

  • A Labrador with cancer maintained his strength to see his master getting married 
  • Charlie Bear was diagnosed with cancer last April 
  • He died shortly after his master’s wedding day in September

Every pet dog and master tandem have a love story to tell. But this tear-jerking one is surely for the books .

A black Labrador inflicted with cancer held on to dear life up until the most important day for his master – her wedding day.

Charlie Bear, the dog, and his master Kelly O’Connell, have been inseparable in the last 15 years. They first met at an animal shelter where O’Connell was working.

Then a student aged 19, O’Connell knew she couldn’t afford to have a pet but there was something in Charlie the dog which made her take him home. As she said in a BuzzFeed feature: “He came in, and I was like, ‘Yup. I’m taking this puppy home.’”

College and life happened and the two stuck around. Things got even better when O’Connell met her partner James Garvin. The two moved in with him and his sons and Charlie got an instant family.

Image by Jen DZ via Facebook
Image by Jen DZ via Facebook

But tragedy struck Charlie and O’Connell this April when he was diagnosed with brain tumour after having a seizure while on the road.

This caused O’Connell and her partner to fear that their buddy might not make it to their wedding.

“One week before the wedding, Charlie had five seizures, and seemed to be suffering quite a bit. O’Connell and Garvin made arrangements for him to be put to sleep,” BuzzFeed wrote.

But during the week of the wedding it seemed like Charlie had mustered all strength just to make it to the special day. And so O’ Connell’s most loved dog was carried down the aisle by the bride’s maid of honor as he was too weak to walk.

“James and I just grabbed onto him, and we just kept saying, ‘You made it, buddy, you made it.'”

A week after the wedding, Charlie died peacefully with the family surrounding him.

“It was a phenomenal 15 years. That’s for sure,” said O’Connell.

JenDz Photography shared that momentous event in the life of a beloved dog and his master.