Driving app Waze survey reveals Malaysia as the best place to drive in SE Asia

  • Malaysia is the best country to drive in  Southeast Asia, according to a survey on driver satisfaction by Waze
  • The Philippines was the lowest among four Southeast Asian nations surveyed
  • Among cities in the region, Central Malacca was first while Cebu ranked last

A recent survey by driving and navigation application Waze revealed that Malaysia is the best country to drive in Southeast Asia.

According to its report on Driver Satisfaction Index 2016, which takes into account the density of traffic, quality of roads, road safety, socio economics, availability of driver ser­­vi­­ces, and “Wazeyness” or the overall satisfaction of users, Malaysia ranked 28 out of 38 countries surveyed; putting it above other Southeast Asian nations included in the study.

Singapore came in at 32nd, Indonesia at 34th, and the Philippines at 37th.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is the best place to drive in globally overall, followed by France and the United States.

El Salvador came in last place overall.

Among metropolitan cities, Valence was dubbed as the best city to drive in the whole world. Together with Tours, Lemans, and Saint-Etienne, French cities dominated the top of the list that included 235 cities surveyed. In fact eight out of the ten best cities to drive in the world were found in France.

Meanwhile, six of the ten worst cities to drive in, according to Waze, were found in Southeast Asia. Cebu in the Philippines received the lowest score overall.

Malaysian cities Central Malacca and Kuala Terengganu were the highest ranking Southeast Asian cities, but still garnered 94th and 97th place overall.

The navigation app Waze was officially acquired by Google in 2013. It was dubbed as the Best Overall Mobile App in 2013.